The Love Child of Brunch and K-Y Jelly–Bacon Lube


Well, it’s finally happened. Rampant bacon-love has crossed the line which dare not speak its name. Or something. BuzzFeed taste-tests the Bacon Lube, above. It actually looks like straight bacon grease–speaking of, couldn’t you just use bacon grease, if you’re hell-bent on having bacon-flavored sex? Don’t miss the intern doing a shot of the stuff toward the end.

According to the maker’s website
(the Bacon Salt/Baconnaise folks), the Bacon Lube was meant to be an April Fools joke…and then it turned out that people were really, really, really excited for Bacon Lube. They got over 600 emails from people who wanted to be testers, including this one:

I am a physician, and a board-certified gynecologist. Assuming this is not an April Fool’s joke, I would love to be a tester. And I have patients that would sign up in a heartbeat.And if it is an April Fool’s joke: guess what, the joke’s on you. Because if you don’t put it on the market soon, somebody else will.

Gauntlet, laid! People, spoken! So it looks like they’re now developing Bacon Lube for real.

[via Grub Street]