Under the Toque–Gordon Ramsay Swears His Butt Off; Jonathan Benno May Be Leaving Per Se


Angelo Sosa, the former executive sous-chef at Jean Georges, is about to open an Asian sandwich shop called Xie Xie (“Thank You,” in Chinese) in Hell’s Kitchen, and hopes to turn the eatery into a nationwide chain.

Gordon Ramsay said the F-word 115 times in the first 40 minutes of a two-hour episode of British TV’s “Great British Nightmare” that aired in January. Amazingly, the potty-mouthed chef managed to drop 30 F-bombs in less than two minutes.
[NY Post]

The Feedbag suspects that Jonathan Benno, Thomas Keller’s right-hand man, may be leaving Per Se to start his own restaurant.
[The Feedbag]

Scuderia’s opening chef, Claudio Cristofoli, has since left the restaurant but owner Leyla Marchetto has yet to reveal who will take over the kitchen. Grub Street suspects that the restaurant’s mixed reviews were a clue that things weren’t hunky-dory in the kitchen.
[Grub Street]

Shane McBride of Craftsteak was spotted standing in front of a tour bus that was carrying the Craft team to Memphis in May, the most important barbecue contest in the country. McBride was said to be traveling with Lauren Hirschberg of Craftbar and Damon Wise of Craft.
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