Vegetarian Delights of NYC–Noona Vankaya Pulusu


Noona vankaya pulusu at Southern Spice (click to distend)

Sometimes a vegetarian dish is so good it slaps you across the face, leaving a tingling on your cheeks and a slight burn in your mouth. Such is the case with the noona vankaya pulusu (it’s even fun to say!) at Southern Spice, a new restaurant in Flushing directed toward the meatier side of southern Indian cooking. Nevertheless, there are many rarely seen vegetarian dishes on the menu.

This dish begins with slender lavender eggplants, which become even tenderer when immersed in the thick sauce of tamarind, chiles, sharp fresh ginger, and black mustard seeds. Every bite is a succulent pleasure, especially when scooped with the minted flatbread called pudina paratha. 143-06 45th Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718-359-3486.

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