Want To See The Cover Of A Yung LA Record That Will Never, Ever Come Out?


Let us note what amounts to a pleasantly restrained cover for Yung LA’s probably-never-going-to-come-out Futuristic Leland, in which no studded neck collars, hair dye, or particularly spiky (vs., uh, mildly spiky) mohawks are in evidence. (Yes, for this man, merely shaving a weird Prince-like logo into the side of his head counts as restraint .) LA may well be the most hated man in rap in some circles in 2009: one good friend of ours who we otherwise trust and respect implicitly described him as “this weird little creep with a squeaky baby-voice and a barely serviceable sense of meter who loves bragging about his shitty half-mohawk and his Urkel glasses.” All of which is actually true–it’s why we love him. Never has someone been more paranoid about the potential theft of swag no one else on the planet actually wants. Come on, Universal–let this thing go. We’ll never make fun of your Tumblr again.