Why Carrie Prejean’s Bible Thumping Won’t Wash


Miss California Carrie Prejean has referenced the bible in dispensing her anti-gay sentiments, as if she has a direct pipeline to a greater deity and knows for a fact that he/she wants gays to be deprived of equal rights.

This approach is always a sanctimonious way to spray air freshener on a pile of shit and act like your deep-seated bigotry comes from the heavens, as delivered by a color coordinated band of fragrant angels on high.

Please! I was raised a Roman Catholic and always sensed that I should take what I wanted, as a free being, from whatever elaborate, man-made fairy tales I was taught by angry nuns. It’s funny how so many people can only remember to cite supposedly anti-gay passages from the bible, while never quoting or adhering to one other word in the good books, whether they pertain to compassion, patience, or the refusal to wear polyester blends. Surely an endorsement of breast implants, not to mention a celestial thumbs up for showing them off for cameras, is nowhere to be found in the bible–correct me if I’m wrong–but that doesn’t stop Miss Hater from pointing to the only book she has as proof that gays are second class citizens.

For the really lazy bible fan, all that can be gotten out of God’s work is “Gays shouldn’t marry!” Once again, Carrie Prejean–who must not have looked too closely at the fine print about nude shots in her contract–proves to be not much of a reader.