Wilco’s Album-Leak Damage Control: “Everyone Was Talking About Us!”


I have tremendous sympathy for bands whose new records leak months prior to their release dates, perhaps borne of a vivid, unpleasant memory of a 2006 Shins CMJ gig wherein all the stage banter was them moaning, in an unconvincingly jocular manner, about the recent inadvertent Internet unveiling of Wincing the Night Away, an example cited in Douglas Wolk’s outstanding Spin piece on such piracy. So while Wilco (The Album), street date June 30, made for lovely afternoon listening yesterday (it leaked, so they streamed it on their site for free), man, that’s a shit sandwich.

The upside, apparently: People sure did Twitter about Wilco a lot yesterday!

Thus is the conclusion of this Billboard piece from friend-of-SOTC Michael D. Ayers, who chatted with Wilco’s publicist, somebody at the charity the band suggested fans support as a form of “guilt abatement,” and a couple Internet-stats gurus, including one from, which a) exists, and b) calculates that “about 0.25% of tweeters were talking about Wilco at the peak of the buzz.” This is a band’s consolation nowadays. I’m sure Jeff Tweedy will be thrilled.