Asher Roth Sticks the Roots with Their First Ever Lousy Fallon Performance


Shades of the Stevie Wonder/Jonas Brothers Grammys debacle here–C’MON STEVIE! SHOW ‘EM WHAT YOU GOT STEVIE!, etc. Back when Fallon’s show started, we fretted about the eventual reality of the Roots–live rap royalty if there ever was such a thing–being forced to play hypemen for the Soulja Boys of the world, taking orders from dudes who don’t even deserve to be on the same stage with them. Well, here it is: the first half-bad musical performance of the Roots two month-plus run on late night TV, Asher Roth heading out into the crowd to serenade a girl who looks massively uncomfortable the entire time, then attempting to redeem himself by screaming “TAKE IT HOME, ‘RIQ,” as if Black Thought could save him. Find Questlove’s bitter verdict on the whole thing here.