Atlantic Yards Resists Court Challenge; More to Come


Don’t rule out Atlantic Yards builder Bruce Ratner yet: though recent events show time is not on his side, the courts certainly have been. Today the Observer reports that another court challenge by opponents went Ratner’s way: a suit against the state, charging that it improperly used eminent domain to grab land for the project, was denied by the state supreme court.

The Observer says that Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, which brought the suit, will appeal the ruling again. Its director says, “Forest City Ratner may claim again, like the boy who cried wolf, that they will break ground soon. But they won’t; they are unable to do so.” Forest City Ratner has punted on building anything on the site this year, and acknowledged that it will blow deadlines for completion, which will cost it a ton of money in a recession. Even if Atlantic Yards wins every case pending against it, that’s a high bar to clear. Photo (cc) stan.