Authorities on the Trail of the “Staten Island Vandals”


The Staten Island Advance! Exclusively! Takes us “inside the clubhouse of alleged Staten Island vandals.” This would be a bunch of youthful mooks who robbed and vandalized a few places near their encampment, at which they apparently “used a generator to power a television so they could play video games and watch movies and pornographic DVDs.”

Their targets included the Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home and the headquarters there of soldiers’ aid society Staten Island Support Our Troops, which they “defiled,” tearing up the patriotic decorations the group uses to welcome home servicemembers in parades — “this on the cusp of Memorial Day,” notes the Advance. The offenders also stole stuff, including a digital video recorder, computers, and a safe.

Two 16-year-olds have been summonsed for trespassing and remain under investigation; 20-year-old Michael Doni has been charged with burglary, and authorities still seek the group’s 26-year-old ringleader and other suspects.

Comments at the Advance are lively, e.g., “A group of teenagers watching pornos in a tent in the woods with a 26 year old? HELLO!” and “These low-lifes are heroes to the liberal far left !!!!!”