Craigslist CEO Calls His Adult Services Plan “Fully Baked”


Other attorneys general were satisfied when Craigslist nixed its much maligned Erotic Services section for a closely monitored Adult Services section. But New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo remains miffed with the Web site.

“Several weeks ago, we informed Craigslist of an impending criminal case that implicated its website,” he said Wednesday. “Rather than work with this office to prevent further abuses, in the middle of the night, Craigslist took unilateral action which we suspect will prove to be half-baked.” The South Carolina AG isn’t happy either.

We contacted Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster (pictured) to get his perspective on Cuomo giving his company attitude despite its well-intentioned efforts. Via email, Buckmaster says he has no hard feelings toward the AG:

“I’m actually a fan of Andrew Cuomo, but like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, I firmly believe that the measures we’ve taken are fully baked,” says Buckmaster. “Based on the criticism we’re hearing from free speech advocates, who are now calling our site ‘caveslist’ and me a ‘cheese eating surrender monkey,’ if anything we may have overbaked this thing.”

The readers of Internet Evolution would agree.

Photo (cc) LexnGer.