Organ Recital–Pork Cracklin’s


Pork Cracklin’s from Saratoga Country Store in Bed-Stuy, or is it Ocean Hill?

Seeing Sarah DiGregorio’s piece on pork cracklin’ rice krispie treats made my mouth water for just the cracklin’s (aka pork rinds), which is what’s generally eaten right out of the lard cauldron for breakfast in the Cajun country around Lafayette, Louisiana. You can’t go wrong with skin, lard, and salt–nothing articial or processed there. The crunchy and salty goodness makes them a perfect snack, as well.

Reminding us that skin is an organ, too! Get them at Saratoga Country Store, 1991 Atlantic Avenue, 718-498-0200

Copy editor’s note: The apostrophe in the above title may look like one of those repulsive plural formations through the misuse of the apostrophe, but it’s really there to stand in for the “G” in “cracklings.”

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