The Blogroll Gazette–Bruni Bombshell Gets Full Coverage; Stephen Colbert Pleases the Food Crowd


This week in food blogs…

The big story in blogs this week was, of course, the announcement that Frank Bruni would resign from his post as resident food critic for the Times. Every blog we can think of covered it, but none as thoroughly as Eater, with its series of Bruniocalypse posts.

Joe Di Stefano wrote a colorful account of his experience eating “beef peen” at Pho Sho, complete with hilariously captioned pics (see: “That’s pizzle, fo shizzle”).
[The Feedbag]

Down By the Hipster took a poll of whether the arrival of 675 Bar in the Meatpacking district with its “no list, no bottles, no bull” is a sign that the neighborhood’s days of douchebaggery are coming to an end. 42 percent say it’s early to tell, but a step in the right direction.

Grub Street noticed that corn dogs are a trend. And that can’t be bad.
[Grub Street]

Several blogs were smitten with the Colbert Report‘s food episode.

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