The French Eat & Sleep More than the Rest of Us; Mexicans Try to Push Pork


The French spend more time eating and drinking than the rest of the world, according to a new study. Other findings include how the Turkish spend their free time: 35 percent of it is for entertaining friends; while Mexicans and the Japanese spend half their free time watching television.

For his New York Times series on the evolution of American food, John T. Edge is rounding up recipes from around the country that incorporate Huy Fong’s Sriracha. He has dishes from 20 states so far, but needs readers’ help to finish the list.
[NY Times]

Mexican officials are trying to get people to put pork back on the menu. A recent government employee party featured pork rinds and tacos as part of a publicity campaign to convince Mexicans that pork is safe. Pork sales have plummeted since the swine flu outbreak even though experts say it can’t be caught from eating pigs.
[Morning Call]

In other pork-related news, the town of Jabugo in Spain recently hosted a gala dinner in its Plaza of Ham for the fifth World Congress of Cured Ham, where attendees gobbled jamon iberico cut by the country’s most renowned ham cutters.

Since Oprah chatted up acai on her website, US sales of the Amazonian berry have risen, depriving Brazilians of the fruit that is native to their own country. In the US, the berry is touted as a health food and weight loss aid, but in the Amazon it’s a peasant staple.