Uptown Diarist David Patrick Columbia Speaks About Social Faux Pas


City Harvest is a wonderful organization that feeds people–including me at a benefit luncheon the other day, where they honored social scribe David Patrick Columbia, who’s sort of the uptown version of me, but way nicer.

David is the editor of Quest magazine and the author of, which chronicles the ostentatious lives of the rich and famous, even as the expensive rug is being pulled out from under them. David–who once wrote a memoir for Debbie Reynolds–has a sweeping sense of history and a refreshing sense of compassion as he documents both the charitable works and the occasional missteps of the ruling classes.

At the luncheon, he had some pithy things to say about pertinent topics.

About why New York still reigns: “Boston is very sleepy compared to us, and Philadelphia is practically moribund compared to us!”

About the press surrounding the Brooke Astor case: “They’re making them [Brooke’s son and his wife] out to be terrible, terrible people who are robbing this saintly character. It’s unfair!”

And about what it would take for someone to commit social suicide: “The only thing that could kill your social reputation is if you kill somebody. [Pause.] And maybe not even that.”

Gee, that’s good news for…so many people!