Water Boarded! City Water Rate Goes Up 12.9 Percent


Whether or not Kirsten Gillibrand manages to get the drug waste out of it, houseowners in New York will soon be paying more for water. The City Water Board has approved a whopping 12.9 percent increase in the water rate. This may not mean much to tenants but, be assured, your landlords are pissed; there has been plenty of preemptive kvetching from citizens and councilmembers, which may be why the Board marked the increase down from the originally-proposed 14 percent. To be fair, the city has some big water expenses — for example, it’s upgrading a wastewater treatment plant, which will cost $4.8 billion — and, as water consumption has dropped, the city is taking in smaller revenues from metered use. Still, it never feels right when they charge you more for something you literally can’t live without. The hike goes into effect on July 1. Photo (cc) Shaylor.