Weekend Special–Cooling Summer Treats of Corona, Queens


Our favorite ices at Lemon Ice King of Corona: coffee and lemon (click to lick)

The hotter weather hitting town this weekend demands cooling concoctions. So, braving the threat of swine flu, we strapped on our masks and headed for Corona. There we immediately headed past the bocce ball court to Ben Faremo: The Lemon Ice King of Corona, where we ordered the usual coffee and lemon, the first combining sugar, caffeine, and coolness into a single shockingly good format. The deal with ices is, if you keep them even a few days in the freezer, they get dense, too-sweet, and freezer burned. By contrast, the Lemon Ice King’s ices are light as a breeze, reminding us that the first ices were eaten in Roman times with snow run down to the city from the Apennines by slaves. 52-02 108th Street, Corona, Queens, 718-699-5133

Open late into the summer evenings–The Lemon Ice King of Corona

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A Mexican juice stand on Junction Boulevard

Anyone who’s traveled to Mexico knows that stands vending the most amazing juices imaginable are a recurrent feature of the landscape. Find a few of them on Junction Boulevard and surrounding blocks south of the Junction Boulevard station on the 7 train. We see fresh pineapple, banana, orange, celery, mango, carrot, coconut, and aloe, along with accessory flavorings in the fishbowls at bottom

There are very few places in town you can find real frozen custard–soft serve, full fat extruded ice cream enriched with real egg yolks. It was invented in Coney Island, but has since become associated with Wisconsin, for obvious dairy-istic reasons. But we stumbled upon an amazing new frozen custard stand on 104th Street–Timmy O’s Frozen Custard. The gleaming new shop offers custard in vanilla, chocolate, and a changing daily flavor. The custard is way creamy, not overwhelmingly sweet, and rich, rich, rich. One cone easily fed two. Breakfast, empanadas, and coffee also offered. 49-07 104th Street, Corona, Queens, no phone

There’s a new custard kid in town–Timmy O’s