What’s The Worst Way You’ve Ever Been Dumped?


Remember when Minnie Driver turned on Oprah and discovered that Matt Damon had given her the axe? What a way to go! Even worse was the actress I know who found out that her longtime director lover was tossing her to the curb–via fax! Not even a messenger pigeon!

I’ve always felt that anyone who’s been in a relationship for at least two weekends should only be allowed to notify the other party that it’s over face to face! (Not Facebook to Facebook.) The only decent thing to do is actually tell the person rather than just send your dismissal into the blgosphere and run for cover like a wuss. The person you’re dumping might be horrible, but just rally one last conversation about it so you can at least leave with a little integrity.

So what’s the worst way you’ve been dumped? Or dumped smeone else? Did they email you, then block you from responding? Did they leave a 10-second voicemail message? Send a tweet? Or did you announce it on Oprah, you beast?