Jockbeat: Yankee Wins Easy as Pie


No, that hasn’t been Soupy Sales sneaking onto the field at the end of
the last three Yankee games.  It was
A.J. Burnett “pieing” Melky Cabrera on Friday night, Alex Rodriguez on Saturday, and
Johnny Damon today after they hit game-ending home runs, all against the
Minnesota Twins.

The custom is as American as apple pie. One of the earliest major leaguer to be
“pied” was Burnett himself, back on August 18, 2002 when he pitched a three-hit
shutout for the Florida Marlins against the San Francisco Giants. The “pie-er”
was Kevin Millar. Burnett took
pieing international when he went to the Toronto Blue Jays (apparently in
accordance with Canadian law, he pied teammates in both French and English).

“We used shaving cream with the Blue Jays,” Burnett told a YES
interviewer Sunday. “Now we’re using whipped cream. It seems to be a lot more popular.” Rumors are circulating that Burnett
plans to up the ante to Boston Cream if the Yankees can sweep the Red Sox on
June 9, 100, and 11 at Fenway. A Red Sox spokesman called this “Pie in the


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