Billburg Condo Dorks Denounce Ice Cream Truck Music


Brooklyn flâneuse Miss Heather tells us that the the “condominium association(s)” serving the palaces recently built around McCarren Park in Brooklyn want the local ice cream trucks to stop playing jingles. They’ve even started a Yahoo group to bitch that “no warm day goes by without Ice Cream Trucks circling the Park, playing their stupid music full blast 10 am to 10 pm, ruining the peaceful day for everybody.” No word yet as whether they plan to protest the crack of softball bats, the sizzling of outdoor grillers, and peals of childish laughter.

Dorks they may be, but the condo people will probably get their way. You may recall the city cracked down on ice cream truck music when they started aggressively enforcing the noise code in 2007. One sound our leaders love to hear is the jingle of money, and if they can find an excuse to ticket and collect fines from the operators, they will do so gladly. They can excuse it as a quality-of-life intervention that prevents ice cream sellers from committing more serious crimes, such as impersonating Mr. Softee.

Maybe thereafter the drivers will can the music and use flashing lights to alert local kids of their arrival. But then they’ll have to worry about lawsuits from epileptics.

If you actually like ice cream truck jingles, WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has some mp3s.