Jon & Kate Plus 8 Vs. Octomom


Who’s your favorite famous parent of too many children? Which one whores out his or her private life most entertainingly for your guilt-free delectation?

In one corner, you have the TLC stars of Jon & Kate Plus 8, who are shamelessly self promoting and a little self destructive too, yet very well groomed. (Love Kate’s hairdo! Where does she find the time?)

In the other corner, you have world-renowned octomom Nadya Suleman, who only isn’t on an American reality show because producers are afraid to go near her. (Not to fret: She’s doing a British one, and I’m sure it’ll filter into your cable box sometime real soon.)

Nadya might seem to have the edge because she has more kids and they were achieved in more offbeat ways, but Jon & Kate have the cheating thing going on, and there’s nothing more amusing than parents of eight who don’t even have time for each other, let alone the kids.

So who do you vote for? Which family is the more riveting train wreck?