Quick Hits – 5/18/2009


Some guy’s leg and foot on the subway, via twitpic.

We love Mary Louise Parker as much as anybody, maybe more, but find it hard to credit her claim that she was “goaded” into a nude scene in an (upcoming!) episode of Weeds and is “bitter” about it. She’s, like, naked in everything. Better pictures at — my God what’s happened to us?

We’re sentimental that we way, so we like the NY1 story about the Asian reggae musician who heads a band called Brown Rice Family.

The Drama Desk Awards honored the musical Billy Elliot with 10 wins. Also laureled were the play Ruined, Geoffrey Rush, Angela Lansbury, Liza Minelli, et alia. But enough about that — did you know the Obies are tonight?

Meanwhile, hmm: Jane Fonda is leaving/closing 33 Variations early “due to a conflicting schedule issue.” We hear she plans to hang some cup hooks.

Whee! Gunplay in Louisiana and Maine. We’re so glad we don’t live in America.

We try to stay away from patented News of the Weird material, we really do, but in this case the headline — “Cedar Rapids man eats pot hoping to avoid charges” — combined with the picture made it impossible.

Congratulations Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni.