Should We Ban Queeny Talk For All Time?


Certain pre-Stonewall-ish lingo is still thrown around by old queens like bottles of Poppers, and it may be starting to sound a little stale.

In order to move forward into the culture, shouldn’t we all get together, strap down our flapping wrists, and ban any further use of:





“Read!” (As in “She read you,” “She read your beads,” and “She read you to filth”)

“She” instead of “he”

And “Snap” (both the word and the action)?

Let me sashay right into my own discussion and answer that, girlfriend. No! I LOVE these hoary old words and feel they should be linguistically landmarked because of the history they represent and the punch they continue to carry. They still fieeerce! And if you’re embarassed by them, I’ll read you to filth, bitch!