Somebody Got Murdered: Wheelchair Bound Man Slain (Update)


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DATE: Monday, May 18, 2009

LOCATION: Linden Boulevard and Autumn Avenue

Wow, even a wheel-chair won’t protect you. NY1 is reporting that a wheelchair bound man was shot and killed early today at the corner of Linden Boulevard and Autumn Avenue. An eyewitness claimed a teenager in a grey hooded sweatshirt fled the scene, the television station is reporting.

Police confirm that the shooting took place, but have yet to confirm that the man was in a wheelchair. The incident, police say, took place at 7 a.m. at 2676 Linden Blvd. in the East New York section of Brooklyn.

Police identified the dead man as Stephen Gowins, 39, of Linden Boulevard. Gowins was shot once in the head by another male, who fled. He died at the scene.

A reader emailed us this afternoon to say that she and her son saw the folded wheelchair next to the victim who was covered in a sheet. “The stuff that keeps happening in this neighborhood is disgusting and ridiculous,” she wrote.

Update: Newsday is reporting that Gowins served 10 years in prison on manslaughter charges for his involvement in slayings in Brooklyn and Staten Island. The newspaper also say that the killer just walked up to Gowin and shot him, suggesting an execution, more than a street dispute.

Whatever his past, Gowins seems to have had a lot of friends. Check out the comments below posted to this item.

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