Vegetarian Delights of NYC–Barberry’s Grilled Asian Eggplant


The incredible but misnamed grilled Asian eggplant at Williamsburg’s Barberry (click to elongate)

Barberry is a newish ‘Burg bistro with a Portuguese twist and farmers market bent. The menu is littered with vegetarian delights, including the so-called grilled Asian eggplant, which is broiled rather than grilled. No matter, the purple boat is crisp and overflowing with gooey salty cheese, and one bite means you’re hooked. Better than its culinary brother–potato skins–and seemingly more virtuous, though you could pick it up and wring the oil out of it. Other vegetarian delights abound, including a frisee salad with cabrales cheese and granny smith apples, cannelloni with wild mushroom ragu, and the hot-paprika-dusted fries shown below. 152 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-599-3027