West 4th Courts Evict Ballers for Fashion Event


The New Depression has not restrained our wealthy overlords from continually seeking the exact opposite of noblesse oblige. Now Joseph Abboud is renting the West 4th Street basketball courts, usually occupied by citizens playing street basketball, for the launch of Abboud’s new JOE Joseph Abboud line, which is described as “a ‘neo-traditional’ lifestyle category” of menswear. The clothier finds the “setting of the legendary street basketball court” evocative of the hoop dreams of men who would buy Joseph Abboud at JCPenney. The caged playing field will be off limits to peons for the duration, though Allan Houston, Nate Robinson, and other NBA stars will be at the event; we’re not sure if you’re allowed to press against the chain-link to look at them; perhaps they’ll electrify it. (Read a great 2001 Voice story about the West 4th ballers here.)