Ex-Cop’s Angry Tale: NYPD Blue Lies


There’s a tough new book out about the NYPD during the Giuliani era, and it’s not about how great the Compstat program worked.

NYPD Blue Lies: The Shocking True Story of Racism, Corruption, Cover-ups and Murder in the NYPD is the understated title of ex-police sergeant Charles Castro’s tale about how his dreams of being a hero cop went sour in a department where who you knew was more important than what you did.

Castro was later a top aide to state senator Hiram Monserrate, another ex-cop who didn’t fare well in the department. He’s got a barrel of pumped-up stories about incidents where racism and bureaucratic intrigue ruled the day as to who got awards and promotions.

Although he somehow restrained himself from teasing it on the book’s cover, Castro also relates the spicy tale of his marriage to another ex-cop, the lovely Carol Shaya who scandalized One Police Plaza when she posed nude for Playboy.

Castro tells how after Shaya’s pix appeared, Internal Affairs found the resources to tail him and his wife — at the same time that the unit was too strapped for manpower to follow a major drug-dealing detective. Which is completely understandable.