Gillibrand Grabs More Way-Early Endorsements, Scares Off Stringer and Suozzi


We guess it’s a new trend, at least for Democratic officeholders whom Obama wants left alone: Since NARAL delivered their endorsement to Kirsten Gillibrand — who isn’t even running until 2010 — she’s been getting more early expression of support. Local Congresspeople Yvette Clark and Michael McMahon lined up, as did Reps Brian Higgins of Buffalo and Maurice Hinchey of the Finger Lakes region.

And as she attracts supporters, she also intimidates opposition. Last week, at the President’s prodding, Steve Israel cancelled his planned challenge. Now Scott Stringer, another potential contender, has similarly backed off. At least he’s not pitching that “tough, heartfelt decision” nonsense — he comes right out and says, “In light of President Obama’s clear desire to avoid a Democratic primary in New York State, I have decided to focus on my re-election race for Manhattan Borough President.”

And if you were wondering what Tom Suozzi, the Nassau County executive whom Chris Cillizza thought had the best chance to replace Hillary Clinton last November, he has announced, in a sort of who-asked-you way, that he likes his current job just fine and will seek a third term.

Your move, Congresswoman McCarthy.