How Do You Get Gabby Friends Off The Phone?


Some people are quaint old-schoolers who would rather pick up a receiver and catch up that way than exchange a series of rapid-fire tweets, texts, or emails. I actually think that’s delightful and always appreciate the chance for some real-life give-and-take. But how do you get off? After about 40 minutes of chatting with anyone, I’m generally ready to go back to my A.D.D.-riddled life of quick bites and multiple stimuli. And some people can’t take a hint!

Saying “OK, I gotta go” won’t always make much of a dent with these folks. That’s merely their cue to do another half hour of material.

Screaming “I have to run! It’s an emergency!” wouldn’t work either because I can’t act that well, I wouldn’t be able to think of a particular crisis to cite, and also I wouldn’t want to deal with all the resulting gossip mongering about what had supposedly happened to me. People would be breathlessly calling to ask, “You were raped by an intruder?” And then how do you get them off the phone?

So what do you do? Just hang up and send a text three days later saying the phone fell in the toilet?