Hsu Guilty of Campaign Finance Violations


“What am I going to do with you, Norman?” sighed Hillary Clinton to her generous friend. The answer: run like hell away, since Norman Hsu, formerly a top fund-raiser for Clinton and other Democrats, has been convicted of numerous crimes, and today added a guilty verdict on campaign finance violations to them. Clinton and many other beneficiaries of Hsu’s largesse returned his donations after it came out that, in addition to philanthropy, Hsu went in for Ponzi schemes — $20 million worth, not much in this age of Madoff, but a big deal when revealed in 2007 — and muscling people to make donations to his favorites, some of which he then underwrote himself, in violation of campaign finance limits.

After posting bail on these charges in 2007 Hsu memorably fled, but injured himself and had to go to the hospital, leading to his arrest. The 56-year-old Hsu has already been sentenced to 30 years for the Ponzi scheming, so there’s not much more they can do to him.