On the Magnolia Electric Co.’s Fleeting New Single “It’s Made Me Cry”


Jason Molina once made spooky, indelibly lonely music as Songs: Ohia–enormously sad, occasionally gospel-inflected compositions that pillaged country and Hank Williams and Will Oldham but didn’t quite sound like anything but themselves. Then, sometime around 2003, he formed the Magnolia Electric Co. and indulged his inner Warren Zevon: live rave-ups, Steve Albini-engineered albums, and relentless, endless days on the road. Also, dude released music constantly: two records and an EP in 2005 alone, then another, more melancholy record in 2006, followed by Sojourner, an absurdly huge box set in 2007. It would’ve been nice to get a break, and then we got one: Molina released virtually no music last year, and his tentative output to date in 2009 has been a single EP, It’s Made Me Cry, which was a limited release for Record Store Day. A digital version of the record comes out today; the proceeds benefit the Evan Farrell Memorial Fund, a trust established to look after the children of Rogue Wave bassist Evan Farrell, who died in 2007. Stereogum posts a link to the title track: it’s an ephemeral, quirky 73 seconds of orchestral weariness, a little snapshot of a song about a girl who runs away. For a little while, anyway. “You can live a long time in such a little while, once you’ve gone as far away as you can go.” sings Molina. “Until you come home.”