Organ Recital–Calves Liver


The wonderful calves liver at Rudar Soccer Club

In some ways, liver is the easiest organ meat to take: mild in flavor, minerally, and loamy. Cooked rapidly in a skillet, it develops a pleasing caramelized surface, while remaining faintly pink in the middle. The Venetians learned how to cook it with butter and onions, which add a sweetness to the organ, while the nearby Istrians sautee it plain, and then sprinkle on a salty scallion sauce, as in the picture above. Hunan cooks wok-fry it with black mushrooms and soy sauce, making it darker and more flavorful, then deglaze it with rice wine. Ethiopian Copts cook kidneys with the liver, adding ginger, butter, red pepper, black pepper, and something called “false cardamom,” while Finns make it into a sweet rice pudding, flavored with molasses, raisins, marjoram, and onions. Try feeding that to your kids.

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