Tell Me Your Best Celebrity Encounters


As someone who has spent the bulk of his adult life covering the blinding lives of bold-faced names, I’ve found that the vast majority of these people are fairly delightful, charismatic, and well worth talking to. But then again, I’m press–and vindictive press at that. Any smart celebrity knows that when I approach, you turn on the charm or prepare for a giant knife in your waxed back.

So what are these stars really like? I have no idea, and in fact, only you folks can tell me. Assuming you’re not press as well, please give me your stories of running into various big names and how they reacted to you when you asked for an autograph, told them you loved their work, threw them a fishy look, or asked for a bailout.

Is Liza always on? Are the Olsen twins really that skittish? Does Lagerfeld look like a head on a stick? Does Springsteen truly care about the common man? And what about the Gossip Girl gang? Are they real people or just glamorous androids diabolically manufactured by cathode rays?

Tell me now!