The Simpsons Riffs On Food Safety, “Green” Foods


Last Sunday’s Simpsons episode poked fun at not one but two food issues. Faced with bad press, Krusty launches a vegetarian burger, the “Mother Nature,” which turns out to be made with tainted barley from Ogdenville.

Not only is the food safety issue timely, but the episode also riffs on food companies that have tried to capitalize on the whole green and healthy trend by slapping an organic certification onto their elaborately packaged and often nutrient-less products. Sure, you can make Cheetos organic, but just how healthy and good for the environment are they? (About as much as Lay’s potato chips can be considered “local.”) And the food safety thread of the story–which turns into an immigration plot line–makes a good point about how the livelihoods of whole communities of farmers can be destroyed by the misbehavior of one company.

Oh, and finally, we love the Aquavit reference. It’s the caraway-scented liquor enjoyed by Norwegian-descended Ogdenvillians that Moe starts to serve instead of beer. Ja!