Think Globally, Chew Locally–Brooklyn Gum


Brooklyn gum is available in two flavors: spearmint and extramint

Grab a couple of packs of Brooklyn chewing gum at, say, D. Coluccio & Sons, and you may think you’ve got your hands on a real locavoric chew. But think again–Brooklyn gum is made in Lainate, which is about 15 kilometers northwest of Milan, Italy. Kind of like Brooklyn Beer, which is made near Utica, in spite of its name. (OK, I know that some of the small-batch test stuff is made in Williamsburg.)

The packages show a pretty good stylized picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, and if nothing else, the gum demonstrates the iconic pull that Brooklyn still has for Italians; it’s their home away from home. 1214-20 60th Street, Borough Park, Brooklyn, 718-436-6700