This Week in the Voice


Photo by Cary Conover.

What were the Obies like? We noticed mainly free drinks. James Hannaham saw a lot of winners of color (“Black is definitely the new black”), and many other details. List of laureates here; slideshow here.

Michael Feingold starts his Obie meditation by talking about departed downtown theatricals, and ends by insisting that for all its evanescence, the theatre turns out to be one of society’s more substantial institutions.

Alexis Soloski asks local theatre peeps: what’s your worst theatrical experience? Tovah Feldshuh‘s was our favorite.

Between her previous and current campaigns for Manhattan district attorney, Leslie Crocker Snyder agreed to serve as special prosecutor on a perjury investigation of Linda Shiro — whose old interview tapes had been brought forward by Tom Robbins, and saved a man from being convicted on Shiro’s tainted testimony. Snyder gave Robbins a hard time then. Robbins, now telling the story of Snyder’s misbegotten investigation, returns the favor.

We don’t even approve of the word “gastropub” — it sounds like an automotive product. Here’s your Sarah DiGregorio pull-quote for the trendalicious White Slab Palace: “If, for some reason, I found myself forced to return to White Slab Palace, I would be very happy to eat the White Slab fish soup.” She approves The Clerkenwell, which has Yorkshire pudding and toad-in-the-hole.

We thought that Eminem video looked unpromising — now Theon Weber confirms it: “When he insists on ‘Medicine Ball’ that ‘it’s time for you to hate me again’… it sounds like he’s pleading.”

Who isn’t fascinated by Sasha Grey? She’s a porn star, she was in Steven Soderburgh‘s The Girlfriend Experience, and she’s a porn star. This “intellectual feminist with a thing for Godard, Burroughs, and rough sex” is interviewed by Anthony Kaufman. Sample: “One of the upsides of being an adult-film star is that you can be yourself.”

A whole column of blind items for Michael Musto! Gawker would have spread it out over five posts. Praise the generosity of Musto!


Theatre: Alexis Soloski reviews the soloNova Arts Festival.

Music: Rob Harvilla on the Punch Brothers. Kevin O’Donnell on Grizzly Bear. Cristina Black on Jeffrey Lewis.

Film: J. Hoberman at the Cannes Film Festival. Nick Pinkerton on the new Terminator. Jim Ridley on New World Order. Ella Taylor on Easy Virtue and Burma VJ.

Food: Robert Sietsema on El Almacèn.

Art: Daniel Kunitz on Conrad Shawcross.

Books: Zach Baron on Clancy Martin’s How to Sell.

Savage Love. Ask a Mexican. Letters. Free Will Astrology. Et alia.