A Big Mess of Steamy Blind Items!


That’s what you’ll get in this week’s column, which is an assortment of taunting tidbits without names, on the order of “Which comeback chanteuse lost her lower register from all those times she took injections to get over health problems and/or exhaustion?”; “What diva’s light skinned son has trouble getting it up?”; and “Which erudite actor who’s currently on Broadway was seen–by me–wiping his nose as he left the bathroom at Hiro? (Well, he had the next day off.)”

CLICK HERE for the whole column of such kooky queries, which will surely drive you mad–though you’ll go even crazier if you don’t take a peek and join in on the wicked buzz. And then I’ll have to write “Which pseudo intellectual refused to read my blind items and is now chained to a bed on the seventh floor at an awful institution?”–and that won’t be pretty.