Anti-Gay Protesters Were At My Doorstep!


The other day I was delighted to come home to find cheering hordes of people a block away from where I live. I assumed it was some festive celebration of the beginning of the nice weather, or of some obscure saint’s birthday, and I couldn’t wait to join in and sample the funnel cakes. But when I listened more carefully, it turned out they weren’t cheering at all–they were screaming! Anti-gay propaganda! And holding angry signs too!

It was a protest against the possibility of gay marriage in New York state and these people were so vehement about it I had to wonder if they were closet cases who were overcompensating! Double locked in my apartment, I was stunned to realize that this could happen in my own city, let alone practically on my own block. Why were so many people so irked about the idea of consenting adults getting equal rights that they would take to the streets raving about it?

Ignorance? Slavish devotion to hate culled selectively from the bible? A misguided attempt to hold back societal advances? Resentment over a pedophile priest from their youth?

Please explain–and what the fuck do we do about them?