Grizzly Bear‘s brand-new Veckatimest is all but assured to be this year’s big indie breakthrough, and for good reason: Catchier and more songful than 2006’s buzzed-about Yellow House, the album brings a wistful Disney-score whimsy to the jammy-hazy psych-pop sound currently beloved by young folks from Williamsburg to West Hollywood. If you’ve ever wondered what Van Dyke Parks would sound like as backed by Animal Collective—and, hey, who hasn’t!?—this ideal marriage of freshness and familiarity provides the delightful answer. Opening act Here We Go Magic is a beguiling new project from local singer-songwriter Luke Temple, whose recent self-titled debut recasts his folk-soul solo stuff as a kind of post–Talking Heads beat music.

Fri., May 29, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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