Dammit, Janet: Even the Times Knows You’re a Blowhard


Back in November, I wrote something I titled “The Day Janet Napolitano Will Never Live Down,” and I wasn’t kidding around.

Yesterday, the Times, in its assessment of Napolitano as a candidate for a Supreme Court nomination, led off its profile of her with, I was happy to see, a fairly robust description of that infamous day in Napolitano’s life that I was referring to.

It was her last day as a US Attorney in Arizona – Halloween 1997 – when she had a chance to do something about the abomination that is the Phoenix jail system and its prevaricating clown of a sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Instead, wanting Arpaio’s backing for her upcoming run for state Attorney General, Napolitano stood in front of an assembly of the local press and lied her ass off.

I know. I was there.

It’s nice to see that the Times, if less graphic in its description than my own, also can see that it was a key moment for understanding Napolitano, a person far more interested in furthering her career than doing what’s right for the people she serves.

Toldja, Janet.