Free Burgers for Cabbies at Ben & Jack’s Today


We didn’t know Taxi Appreciation Day was a Thing — we never see cards for it at the Hallmark store — but it apparently is celebrated yearly on various days in various jurisdictions. For example, the Mayor of Toronto declared one on June 9, 2003; Syracuse had one by mayoral proclamation last June 19.

New York does them too, but they have been low-key; it was celebrated in 2006 with raffles, Betsy Gotbaum, and a Statue of Liberty impersonator at LaGuardia Airport.

The city is celebrating TAD 2009 today, and have taken a cue from Houston’s Smith & Wollensky’s 2008 stunt: A midtown restaurant is offering to feed cabbies burgers for free from 1:30 to 3 p.m. They won’t be allowed inside (you know what they get like after 12 hours in the saddle) but the owners of Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse, the Sinanaj brothers, and Taxi & Limousine Commissioner Matt Daus will hand deliver “lunch bags” containing sirloin burgers and fries to any cab that pulls up. This is for drivers, not riders, so don’t try to get cute. Image (cc) Thomas Fano.