Free Yacht Trips for “Special” People (Especially If Young, Hot)


It sounds like a truly altruistic offer: A small group of friends with a 50-foot yacht were looking to fill their craft on weekends, and realized one way to do so was by providing free sailing trips around New York Bay. So in the fall of 2006, they set up a website where folks could sign up to join them.

Sounds great, except there’s just one catch: Bronx school kids need not apply, nor need anyone else, for that matter, who isn’t a “special person.”

This is why some people are calling the Gotham Yacht Club the “Gotham Snob Club.”
By special, the club’s founders apparently mean attractive and Ivy League, though apparently you might make it aboard just by being a kick-ass sailor.

As explained on the site, “We are very exclusive — most of our members are very educated, young and together.” To help determine who makes the cut, applicants are required to send in a photo, and share their age and where they went to school. (Sailors get off a little easier, with questions about captain or crew experience.)

Judging by the photos scattered around the site (example above), “special” priority is clearly given to skinny, bikini-clad girls who like to drink, which gives us an inkling of what this scene’s really about.