GOP Fails to Adopt “Democrat Socialist” as New Name for Democrats


You may recall that true patriots were trying to get the Republican National Committee to pass a resolution that would have the GOP refer thereafter to the Democratic Party as the “Democrat Socialist” Party. Alas for America, their resolution has failed. Dave Weigel reports that the RNC now merely calls on Obama and Congressional Democrats to “remember what made our country great and to stop pushing our country toward socialism and government control.” That’s what we call moderation, and in the pursuit of justice, that’s no virtue.

Don’t despair of the partisan hyperbole, though: rightwing elder statesman Richard Viguerie reports that in a poll taken at his Conservative HQ site, 90 percent of respondents considered Obama either “fascist,” “socialist,” “communist,” or “Marxist.” To be fair, not many conservatives listen to Viguerie anymore — which just shows how far the Party has strayed from its bedrock principles! (Yikes — we’ve been reading their stuff far too long.)