Insurer: In Driving, New York Sucks at the Written Test


New Yorkers, crank those middle fingers up — someone is complaining about our driving again. A study conducted by insurance company GMAC has taken a look at the “driving knowledge” of individuals in various states, and, as it turns out, New Yorkers suck at knowing the rules of the road. They pulled the lowest scores in the country.

Lounging at the back of the class with us is perpetual tutoring candidate New Jersey (we need to make better friends), the high scorers being Idaho and Wisconsin. Still, as Bloomberg reports, we aren’t all bad. Though New Yorkers might not know what a flashing yellow light means, we do know how not to crash into each other:
the latest fatality study by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows New York’s rate for every 100 million miles traveled is 0.97, the eighth-lowest in the country.”

Think you can outscore an Idaho driver? Take the test. If things don’t go well, feel free to smash the computer, as we’ve also been labeled some of the grouchiest drivers in the nation.