More Blind Items!


By now you’ve already digested my new column of blind gossip items and you’re hoarse from screaming out the window, “Which boozy chanteuse screws barnyard animals?” and so on.

Well, get your lungs revved up again because I have some NEW ones for you already, and these aren’t in any column, they’re just between us girls. Consider yourselves blessed.

And so:

Which author of Hair has none?

What daytime TV personality looks a tiny bit Asian due to her new lift?

Which comeback gal once nabbed that mentor hubby because she claimed to be a virgin, but I assure you a lot of people knew her before she was a virgin?

Which musical sensation is not quite as young as she says, though she’s still plenty young, mind you?

Which same girl speaks about herself in the third person, referring to her stage persona as a whole other being, since it’s self created?

Should we worry? (Uh…um…no, perfectly normal, right? RIGHT?)