It’s probably no surprise that Amanda Palmer, frontwoman of the outlandish Brechtian punk cabaret duo the Dresden Dolls, would have a morbid fascination with death: For over a decade, she’s been taking photos of herself—often with very little clothing on—lying dead in every place imaginable (alleys, abandoned buildings, golf courses). To accompany last year’s release of her solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, she’s now put together a book of these photos and enlisted Sandman author Neil Gaiman to invent stories for the gruesome scenes. Judging from his blog, he got more than he bargained for: “There was one night where I staggered back and forth down an alley at 2 a.m., with a dead Amanda over my shoulder. . . . No squad cars turned up. People in Boston are very blase about dead people in alleys.” Tonight, Spin magazine hosts the launch party, with a reading by Gaiman and a performance by Palmer.

Wed., June 3, 8 p.m., 2009

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