Sriracha, Spotted Everywhere


While eating with my in-laws at a stodgy fish restaurant in suburban Massachusetts, I asked the waiter for Sriracha, almost just to see what he would say. But he nodded knowingly, and brought out a dish of the red, garlicky hot sauce. That’s when you know that Sriracha has hit the mainstream. That, and when Applebee’s is using it to flavor fried shrimp.

Over at the Times, John T. Edge has a great article about the American nature of Sriracha, and the Diners Journal blog has been searching for dishes made with Sriracha in all 50 states. But they’re missing a few–anyone spotted Sriracha in Connecticut or Delaware? Tell us and post your sighting here. After the jump, see the state Sriracha dishes they’ve found so far.

Alabama: City Stages music festival in Birmingham — Daniel George’s Atomic Dog, a corn dog with yellow mustard, “mardi gras slaw” and sriracha.

Alaska: M.A.’s Gourmet Dogs in Anchorage — Polish sausage with a squirt of sriracha.

Arizona: Pita Jungle in Tempe — spicy chicken wrap with brown rice, zucchini and sriracha


California: Tex Wasabi’s in Santa Rosa — seaweed salad with sesame and sriracha dressing

Colorado: Goosetown Tavern in Denver — sriracha pizza with garlic and mozzarella



District of Columbia: TenPenh — wok-charred squid with cashews in a sriracha broth

Florida: Mekong in St. Petersburg — beef soup

Georgia: Aloha Asian Cuisine and Sushi in Atlanta — tempura-battered roll with eel, avocado, masago and sriracha

Hawaii: Koi Catering and Takeout in Honolulu — secret ingredient in the hamburger steak


Illinois: Hot Doug’s in Chicago — chicken sausage with sriracha mustard


Iowa: Da Kao in Sioux City — bun thit nuong

Kansas: Houlihan’s in Leawood — chicken wings, glazed with sriracha and soy sauce


Louisiana: Dong Phuong Bakery in New Orleans — banh mi


Maryland: Black’s Bar and Kitchen in Bethesda — sauce for buffalo fried oysters

Massachusetts: Myers and Chang in Boston — banh mi with pork belly and sriracha aioli

Michigan: Gaia Cafe in Grand Rapids — Cuban tempeh with a healthy squirt of sriracha

Minnesota: The Bulldog in Minneapolis — burger with sriracha glaze and pepperjack cheese

Mississippi: City Grocery in Oxford — roasted escolar with garlic and sriracha vinaigrette

Missouri: Land of Smile in St. Louis — sriracha pork fried rice

Montana: Iron Horse in Missoula — tenderloin sandwich with sriracha aioli



New Hampshire:

New Jersey :Fins in Bradley Beach — “S-Turns” Burrito; coconut sesame battered tilapia with grilled pineapple, mixed cheese, black beans and sriracha sauce

New Mexico: “On anything we don’t put red or green chili on.”

New York: Perry St. in New York City — rice-cracker crusted tuna with spicy citrus sauce

North Carolina:

North Dakota:

Ohio: Dirty Frank’s in Columbus — hot dog with kimchi, corn relish and sriracha coleslaw


Oregon: Bye and Bye in Portland — Weeping Tiger sandwich, with braised tofu cutlets, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeños, sriracha

Pennsylvania: Fireside Tavern in Philadelphia — Philly cheesesteak dumplings with sriracha ketchup

Rhode Island: Seven Moons Restaurant in North Kingstown — many dishes

South Carolina: Four Moons in Orangeburg — sriracha-spiked tobiko ice

South Dakota: Saigon Restaurant in Rapid City — stirred into pho, peanut or plum sauce; on the fried rice or curry; as a dip for crispy noodles

Tennessee: Gordon Biersch Brew House in Chattanooga — blackened mahi-mahi wrap with honey and sriracha mayonnaise

Texas: Reef and Little Big’s in Houston — sriracha rémoulade for fries and burgers

Utah: Kobe Sushi in Salt Lake City — roll with shrimp, tuna and tobiko, topped with sriracha

Vermont: Avenue Bistro in Burlington — Thai shrimp in a sriracha-based sauce

Virgin Islands St.Croix: “All over lobster tacos”

Virginia: Millie’s Diner in Richmond — frittata with green curry, sausage and sriracha

Washington: Dahlia Lounge in Seattle — sriracha octopus and cucumbers

Wisconsin: Comet Cafe in Milwaukee — “Hot Mayo” with sriracha

West Virginia: Tricky Fish in Charleston — served on the tables for everything from organic grilled wings to fried catfish or mahi-mahi soft tacos


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