This Week’s Voice: The Obies, Eminem’s Relapse, Grizzly Bear, Clancy Martin’s How to Sell, Cannes, Sasha Grey, and More


In this week’s Village Voice, it’s the Obies! The winners, the ceremonies, and essays by Michael Feingold, on gone-but-not-forgotten theater greats, and Alexis Soloski, who asked a collection of Off-Broadway’s best to reveal their experiences of theater’s worst. Plus lots of pictures!

Elsewhere, in Music, Rob Harvilla on the wily, omnivorous bluegrass titans The Punch Brothers.

Theon Weber on Eminem’s neither shocking nor amusing comeback album, Relapse.

Cristina Black hangs out with the anti-folk/comic-book luminary Jeffrey Lewis.

Kevin O’Donnell reviews Grizzly Bear’s quiet, grandiosely epic Veckatimest.

In Books, Zach Baron on Clancy Martin’s gem of a debut novel, How to Sell.

In Film, J. Hoberman reports back from Cannes, where Lars von Trier spent the better part of the week making the world laugh and also recoil in disgust.

Anthony Kaufman interviews porn star and Soderbergh muse Sasha Grey.

Nick Pinkerton on McG’s sham of a Terminator.

Plus reviews of New World Order and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

In Art, Daniel Kunitz interviews British artist and Gowanus Canal sailor Conrad Shawcross.

In Theater, Alexis Soloski on the soloNOVA Arts Festival.

Sharyn Jackson at I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour.

In Dance, Deborah Jowitt reviews the Skirball Center revival of Martha Graham’s Clytemnestra.

Plus Michael Musto offers up a bunch of blind items, Ask a Mexican!, and more…