What’s The Worst Betrayal You’ve Ever Suffered?


Play Jesus for a second and let’s nail, as it were, just what Judas-y behavior from a friend has devastated you the most. Did a supposed pal ever brazenly steal your lover as if ripping the tags off a Barney’s outfit in the dressing room? Did they neglect to tell you that your lover was straying like a wildcat? Even worse, did they insist on telling you your lover was straying like a wildcat?

Did your alleged buddy perhaps repeat something intimate you’d told them in solemn secrecy? Or use the information to purposely rip out your heart, stomp it to the ground, and not bother to put it back in? Did they talk shit behind your back and spread damaging untruths on top it like stale sprinkles on sour ice cream?

Tell me, oh Messiahnic ones: What betrayals have martyred you so badly that your stigmata felt like they came from actual wounds?

PS: This post is similar to my recent “When Friends Cut You Down” offering, but it’s subtly different. I’m asking more for knives-in-the-back stories than slaps-in-the-face, OK?