“World’s Richest” Meet in Secret, Plot New World Order or Something


Get out your tinfoil! ABC today reports a heretofore secret meeting of “America’s Richest Givers”, including Mayor Bloomberg, Oprah, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Ted Turner, and other illuminati, were invited by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to a “window-lined private room” — as opposed to one lined with shackled slaves, where such meetings usually take place — in New York on May 5. ABC says they were told the meeting was “100 percent about philanthropy.” But what would you expect them to be told? In addition to being Richest Givers, these fuckers are just plain rich. They could have been plotting anything in there — maybe even a surprise birthday party for Walt Disney’s reanimated head.

Those lovable rightwing scamps at have it figured out: “These billioinaires have just been informed that they will no longer be allowed to offer health benefits to employees, since EVERYONE will be forced into Socialized Medicine,” says one. “‘Their’ plans have been known a long time,” explains another. “Froogle.ORG ‘Georgia guideposts’ and you will see the world’s 10-point epitaph as proclaimed by the world oligarchy.” That doesn’t explain much, but we suspect these guys have their own alternate internet made out of cardboard and dribble.

The involvement of George Soros is especially worrisome, as he has “bought and paid for the bias of MSM’s [NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS] and controlled the internet media through Media Matters,, etc. that might reveal anything detrimental to Obama’s being elected as POTUS,” says Romanticpoet. But with that kind of power, why would he need the rest of those guys?

Runnin’ Scared has it on good authority that they just drank babies’ blood and bathed naked in a jacuzzi full of Krugerrands, like they do every year.