Cyclist Wins TransAlt’s Race Against Less-Green Commuters; Results Questioned


This morning Transportation Alternatives did its 8th Annual Great NYC Commuter Race, matching a commuter on foot and public transportation and a commuter using taxis (?) against a commuter on a bicycle. Their course went from Sunnyside, Queens to Columbus Circle in Manhattan. TransAlt specified to us yesterday that the biker, Horace Mann School librarian Rachel Myers, was “notorious for slow, courteous riding,” which revelation was no doubt meant to make it look very Tortoise and Hare. Her “straphanger” opponent was Dan Hendrick from the New York League of Conservation Voters; the taxi guy, Willie Thompson, also works for a non-profit, so it’s not like they have a rooting interest in modish green transit.

You’ll never guess who won! That’s right, it was our girl Rachel, at 20:15; Hendrick clocked 35:16, and the cab guy attained 47:11 and a $20 fare. “Anytime I’m in a hurry,” said Thompson, playing transportation Goofus gallantly, “I take a cab thinking it’ll get me there the fastest!” “Trying to wrap my brain around what I would do with an extra 15 minutes every morning!” says Hendrick. “Fix!” say we. And we suppose she did it while coming to a full stop at red lights, tcha! Put her against the guys from The Cannonball Run and see what happens.